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If you have a bad habit of biting your nails or using your teeth to open difficult packaging, you are placing yourself at increased risk of suffering a chipped tooth. A similar threat is also posed to contact sport athletes who choose to forgo using a protective mouth guard.

When a front tooth is chipped it can easily alter your smile’s appearance. The severity of the dental fracture could also cause sensitivity problems when you consume hot, cold, sweet, or acidic things.

If the tooth isn’t repaired in a reasonable amount of time, bacterial deposits could start to accumulate in the aberrant tooth enamel textures. This could cause a severe cavity to develop in the already distressed tooth.

In some of these cases Dr. Brick Scheer can repair the chipped tooth with a composite resin dental filling. This is special type of dental plastic that can be perfectly shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel. This makes them a good choice for repairing a chip that’s visible in your smile.

Once it has been applied and shaped to be flush with the surrounding tooth enamel, Dr. Brick Scheer will use a special ultraviolet light to cure the dental filling in place.

If you live in the Wichita, Kansas, area and you have chipped a front tooth, you should call 316-636-1222 to have it treated at Scheer Dentistry.