A Tooth Extraction Can Greatly Increase Your Smile

Your dentist may recommend for you to have a tooth extracted when a tooth cannot be repaired by any treatment, including a crown or filling. This is to help your alignment or make room for another tooth. Here in Wichita, Kansas, Scheer Dentistry wants our latest technology to repair your smile by extracting one of your teeth to ease your discomfort.

When you can observe the tooth inside the mouth, a simple extraction procedure can be the best action to take. This straightforward method is where your tooth is loosened with an elevator and removed with a forceps dental tool. This is also needed for surgical extraction.

A surgical extraction is required when the tooth isn’t visible due to overlying gums, when the tooth is broken, or if it is damaged, especially at the gum line. A small incision is first made in the gums, and if needed, the bone around the tooth is eliminated or it is cut in half. The forceps dental tool then removes the infected or damaged tooth.

Your dental and medical history will first be considered, and an X-ray will be taken when deciding between a simple or surgical extraction. Make an appointment or receive professional consultation from our team. Call Dr. Brick Scheer and our dental experts at (316) 333-6214 to discuss whether you need a tooth extraction today!