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At Scheer Dentistry, we understand that some patients avoid dental care because they dislike getting anesthetic shots or have had negative experiences in the past where they were not numb enough for a procedure. That’s why our dentist, Dr. Brick Scheer, is proud to use “The Wand”, a computer-assisted anesthesia technique to ensure that you are numb for your treatment. For your comfort, we also do offer nitrous oxide if requested.

If you have any questions about our dental anesthetics in Wichita, we invite you to call us at (316) 333-6214 today.

When We Use Anesthetics

Many dental treatments require numbing the affected and surrounding area to minimize any discomfort the patient may experience. In the past, the most common way to achieve this was to give a shot. For those who do not like shots or who have a hard time getting numb, this whole process may prove to be more uncomfortable than the treatment itself. At our practice, we care about your comfort, and we want to ensure that your treatments are as pain-free as possible.

Our dentist is pleased to use a computer-assisted anesthetic program called “The Wand.” By using a small, pen-like tool, our dentist can accurately insert the anesthesia needle into the correct location. However, unlike other shots, The Wand begins administering anesthesia before the needle penetrates the tissue; this means that you will not even feel the initial puncture. The Wand will also regulate the amount of anesthesia to ensure that you receive just the right amount.

Most traditional anesthesia solutions use a compound called lidocaine, which is only about 85% effective on patients. The Wand, however, uses something called articaine, which has about a 98% effective rate. If you have had experiences in the past where you were not completely numb for your treatment, or if your anesthesia wore off, The Wand is right for you.

We welcome you to learn more about how we utilize The Wand in our Wichita dental anesthetics by filling out our contact form today.

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  • We Uphold Honesty & Integrity In Every Aspect Image We Uphold Honesty & Integrity In Every Aspect
  • Your Comfort & Care Is Our Top Priority Image Your Comfort & Care Is Our Top Priority
  • We Have Served Wichita For Over 100 Years Image We Have Served Wichita For Over 100 Years

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    It Has Been a Very Positive Experience

    “The exceptional experiences have been for emergency needs. I would recommend Dr. Scheer for any family.”

    - Steve B.
    I Couldn’t Ask for Better Treatment

    “The Doctor was very professional, friendly, and kind. I was greeted by an employee with a wonderful personality. I couldn’t ask for better treatment.”

    - Doretta L.
    Love doctor, hygienist, & staff.

    “Have been with Dr Scheer for years, refused to move when insurance changed providers. Had been hurt by other dentists in my life. Will not risk being put in that situation again. Love doctor, hygienist, and staff.”

    - Collette G.
    Very Caring

    “The hygienists are very thorough, friendly. I've had a crown done by Dr. Scheer and it went very well. He and his staff are very caring.”

    - Shirley J.
    Wonderful Experience

    “Finally, his implementation of the latest anti-COVID safety. precautions is highly reassuring. Glad that Dr. Scheer is my dentist!”

    - Bo K.

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