Maintaining a Temporary Crown Helps Prevent Further Complications

A temporary crown is often used in a dental crown restoration or a root canal treatment to protect the anchoring abutment while a dental lab creates the final piece of dental work. This is a hard plastic cap is not intended to restore the tooth’s ability to bite or chew food.

You will need to take a few basic measures to protect and maintain the temporary crown. If it is damaged, pulled out, or compromised in some way it could lead to significant complications in the dental restoration process.  

It’s important to maintain healthy gums throughout this time. Periodontal tissues that have been inflamed by gum inflammation can cause discomfort when the final dental crown is seated in place. So, you will need to lightly brush your temporary crown twice each day and floss at least once.

This will help to remove lingering food particles and plaque before bacteria can irritate the gums. If you are having trouble flossing around the temporary crown, you might want to try using waxed dental floss, dental tape, or a simple floss threader.

If a temporary crown comes loose or is damaged, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Brick Scheer. If the abutment within is unaffected, he might be able to simply clean the temporary crown and secure it back in place.

If the abutment was damaged or compromised in some way Dr. Scheer might need to perform a root canal or another treatment to restore its structural integrity.

If you live in Wichita, Kansas, and you have a question about your temporary crown, please call (316) 333-6214 to speak to a member of our staff at Scheer Dentistry.