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A dental bridge is often the preferred option for patients with a missing tooth. The dental restoration process essentially replicates the original tooth with a single piece of dental work that incorporates an open dental crown on each end.

Once the dental bridge has been cemented onto its anchoring abutments will not be affected by tooth decay. However, the dental work will still benefit from good oral hygiene habits. Poor oral hygiene can eventually start to affect the integrity of the anchoring abutments holding your new dental bridge in place. As time goes on it could also lead to gum disease complications.

If you sometimes forget to brush your teeth and dental bridge twice a day or you sometimes forget to floss hardened tartar can start to accumulate at the gumline. Chronic gum disease could potentially weaken the integrity of the anchoring abutments causing the dental bridge to fail.

If you are struggling to clean around your dental bridge a dentist like Dr. Brick Scheer might recommend some special oral hygiene tools. Sometimes an interdental brush or a dental water flosser device can help you clear away plaque and residual food particles before they can contribute to an oral health issue.

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