Smile Makeovers

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At Scheer Dentistry Wichita we believe each and every person should have a smile they are proud of! A grin that exudes confidence and joy.

Are you proud of your smile? Or do you find yourself hiding your teeth from the view of others? Do you hesitate to laugh in fear your teeth might be seen?

Don’t let your teeth hold you back from the life you want to live. We can help makeover your smile and step by step work toward the smile of your dreams!

So, how do you know if you qualify for a ‘Smile Makeover’?

If you are affected by any of the following issues, a ‘Smile Makeover’ might be right for you!

· Missing teeth

· Gapped teeth

· Broken, fractured, or chipped teeth

· Very worn teeth

· Yellowed, discolored, or stained teeth

· Misshapen teeth

· Slightly crooked teeth

· Decayed or damaged teeth

What are the most common reasons people want to change their smile?

• THE TIRED SMILE – Teeth naturally wear with use. With wear, the edges change and usually not in a symmetrical line. Also, the spaces between the edges of the teeth (called embrasures) disappear making an uninterrupted line from tooth to tooth. Or worse, the edges start chipping and the teeth get shorter and shorter. Restoring the aesthetics means restoring the length of the teeth to a younger look and making the edges of the teeth look more natural.

• THE KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLORS – Not all teeth are the same color. Some teeth have fillings that don’t blend. And some teeth are just naturally (or unnaturally) dark. A Smile Makeover places a veneer over each tooth, with each veneer being the same color and having a symmetrical shape.

• THE CROOKED OR GAPPY SMILE – Crooked smiles can be caused by misshapen teeth, rotated or misaligned teeth, or asymmetrical facial features. Minor alignment problems can be solved with restorations only, but major issues may need orthodontics as well.

Depending on your personal dental needs and your goals for your smile, your smile makeover may include one or several of the following treatments:

· Dental bridges

· Dental crowns

· Dental bonding

· Dental fillings

· Dental implants

· Dentures (complete or partial)

· Porcelain veneers

· Teeth whitening

One of the main questions that need to be answered is,

'How many teeth are involved in a Smile Makeover?'

The answer is all the teeth that are seen when smiling. Usually, this means the upper front eight teeth but often will include lower teeth as well. You can choose the extent of your ‘Smile Makeover’. Each patient will get a personalized plan and tailored care for their specific needs and desires.

So, grab your mirror and see what you want to have changed. Envision a confident and carefree smile. Then, we invite you to give our Wichita team a call or fill out a ‘contact us’ page so we can work with you to achieve the smile of your dreams!

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