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In the past, a single missing tooth could often be replaced by installing a standard dental bridge;  however, this type of dental restoration was sometimes contraindicated. This was even more likely if the missing tooth was a rear molar.

Fortunately, the last two decades have brought significant advancements in dental implant restoration technology. Today, dental implants that are fitted with dental crowns have come to the forefront as a preferred method for replacing a single missing tooth.

This restoration treatment plan calls for a minimally invasive oral surgery where Dr. Brick Scheer carefully inserts a titanium dental implant into the bone structure beneath the void. Over time, the titanium material of the dental implant will gradually fuse with the bone tissues to create an anchor that replicates the original root of the tooth. Once the implant is properly fused with the bone, Dr. Brick Scheer can start the process of creating an abutment and producing a dental crown.

Whether you are looking for a permanent, stable tooth replacement for one or multiple missing teeth–or even all of your teeth– our dental implant restorations can help get you smiling with confidence again.

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