Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene can prevent dental problems, like cavities, gingivitis and gum disease. It is important to stay on top of dental hygiene and get regular screenings and cleanings.

Dental hygiene includes everything from fluoride treatments, precise cleaning techniques and cancer screenings to proper nutrition. We will work with you to give you a professional and up-to-date dental assessment to determine your current dental health as well as plan for any further treatments.


Fluoride is a mineral that is found naturally in many things we eat or drink. It is nature’s way of helping prevent cavities. Both adult and children benefit from in-office and home fluoride treatments. In-office fluoride is very strong and helps make teeth harder. Home flouride is not quite as strong; however, it replenishes and maintains a beneficial level of fluoride. We also offer MI Paste to restore and rebuild areas that have started to break down with the benefit of calcium, phosphate and fluoride.


Poor nutrition choices can lead to dental decay. Common dental decay contributors include Skittles, Starburst, fruit snacks, hard candy, suckers, cough drops, carbonated beverages.

Choosing healthier options can lead to better dental health. Healthy snacks include nuts, cheese, fruit, fresh vegetables, pretzels, water and non-carbonated, sugar-free beverages.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screenings are a very important part of the dental visit for the patient. With advances in modern technology, we are now able to pinpoint the start of a potential problem much earlier in its evolution. The ability to do so is extremely important in being able to treat any issues prior to them becoming a major, irreversible problem.

Certain lifestyle choices can have a greater impact on the health of tissues and your overall health in the mouth. If you are a smoker or heavy drinker, make sure to get regular screenings when you visit the dentist.


Oraqix is a numbing gel that does not require needle injections. It works quickly and lasts approximately 20 minutes. It is usually used during scaling and root planing procedures, but is available for a minimal fee for all dental hygiene procedures.

Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning consists of removing all dental plaque, tarter/calculus and bacterial toxins from the crown and root surfaces of the teeth. The frequency of appointments is customized for each patient’s individual oral health, generally three, four or six-month intervals. At each professional cleaning appointment, an exam, medical history and oral cancer screening will also be performed. X-rays will also be utilized to evaluate for dental disease at intervals determined by your specific needs.

Scaling & Root Planting

Scaling and root planting is a non-surgical procedure in which the hygienist removes plaque and tartar from below the gum line. Root surfaces are cleaned and smoothed with specially designed instruments. It is important to remove the plaque and tartar from the pockets, because aside from the bacterial toxins that irritate the gums, plaque and the rough surfaces or tartar make it easier for bacteria to cause destruction. The scaling and root planing services consist of four one-hour appointments followed by a six weeks re-evaluation appointment.

Home Care

Home care plays a key role in our partnership with you to maintain excellent oral hygiene and to maintain your teeth. We will assess your tissue and hard structure health to determine what tools you will need to utilize at home to prevent dental disease. This could be anything from an electric toothbrush to a Perio-Aid toothpick holder and/or flossing.

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