Anesthetic / Sedation


We hear “I hate shots!” and “I never get numb!” over and over, so we decided to solve both of these problems. They are actually separate problems with different solutions.

The first problem is how to give injections comfortably. Weuse a computer assisted technique called “The Wand.” It not only regulates the comfort of the injection, but also controls the operator to ensure that the positive result is duplicated every time. Ask about “The Wand” at your next appointment.

The second problem is not all people react the same way to the anesthetic solution. The most popular anesthetic, lidocaine, is only effective on about 85% of the population. We use an anesthetic called articaine, which is effective on 98% of the population. If you are one of the unfortunate people that has not responded well to local anesthetics, ask if articaine is for you.


In any given year, over half of the American public will not visit the dentist, primarily because of fear. This fear, real or not, must be addressed as part of the dental problem or else lasting solutions will not be attained. Dentistry has worked hard over the last decade to find safe and affordable solutions to the problem of fear, and today there are multiple options to choose from.

Some of the most basic solutions are creating a warm and friendly environment with the use of blankets and headphones. If your anxiety level is slightly higher, the use of nitrous oxide, developed over one hundred years ago, may be all that is required. Nitrous oxide has a great safety record, is inexpensive and doesn’t require the use of a driver to and from the appointment.

For the completely phobic patient, IV sedation may be the only choice so that the entire procedure is accomplished without any awareness by the patient. An anesthetist will closely monitor the oxygen levels in the blood, blood pressure and heart activity, making IV sedation very safe. However, a driver to and from the appointment is required, and driving and/or work must be put off until the next day.

Whether you have mild anxiety or are completely phobic about dental visits, there is a relaxing and safe solution that can be tailored to your needs. Please don’t let fear compromise your oral health and call our office today.

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